Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Add blog to our directory.    The corrupt Prime Minister of Belize has allowed his niece Naima Barrow and her brother Kimano Barrow to defraud 2 foreign investors with impunity.

Now I understand why Belize did not want to sign the United Nations anti-corruption convention. Dean Barrow is obviously turning a blind eye on his niece and nephew's conspiracy to defraud investors.
This is the obviously the reason why foreign investment in Belize decreased from over $100 million to just over 10 million, in a period of 1 year.

 I want my case to go to the Caribbean Court of Justice, where the business of the day is justice. I will see every one of these attorneys disbarred and punished for what they have done.
I hired and paid in full the Prime Minister's niece (Naima Barrow) to set up the corporation for my oil company Paradise Energy Limited,(PEL). I HAVE A COPY OF THE CHECK MADE OUT TO HER LAW FIRM.   
   She set up the corporation and gave all the shares to her brother Kimano Barrow, and his friend Alfredo Acosta. Making them the owners of the company. I did not receive shares in my own company. Then they tried to sell the concession to Treaty Oil Company.
     I have since hired 5 well known attorneys to represent me in court, and I have all the receipts in my name. The money paid for the PSA came from my account in the USA. Every single lawyer I have hired has failed to appear at my court date, but only after having been paid in full. The lawyer I hired to set up my corporation, is now representing her brother in court against me. Is it possible that only I can see this conflict of interest?

     What Naima Barrow did was criminal. Her representing her brother Kimano Barrow against me is a breach of the highest level of trust and her fiduciary duty. This is fraud and misrepresentation.
She stole my company, put it in her brother's name and now has impunity in court?

The last attorney I hired (paid in full) was Hubert Elrington. He failed to appear to represent us in the Supreme Court. He was instructed by me to have the wind up order set aside that day, but was a no show. Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana should have adjourned our case to a later date when we could retain competent legal representation, but she instead threw our case out of court.

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 Hubert's younger brother 

Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Friday, February 24, 2012, 11:26
This news item was posted first in The Belize Media..
Belize City, Thursday February 23, 2012

Apparently corruption runs in the family. Foreign Minister Wilfred (Sedi) Elrington is presently engaged in a court battle in the Supreme Court with an American investor. The case involves millions of dollars (at least US $12 million) of land sales in Belize City by a company called Progresso Heights Ltd.
According to court records of the proceedings, Sedi Elrington is claiming that he is a 20% shareholder in the company and,  US national, Lawrence  M. Snyder  and his son  own 80% of the shares in the company.
The record also reveals that for every land sale made by the company, Sedi should be collecting 2% of the proceeds of the sale amounting in total to thousands, if not millions of dollars.
What has caught the eye of this BELIZE TIMES reporter is that Mr. Lawrence Snyder through his attorneys in Belize has informed  the court that he is scared of coming back to Belize because he has been threatened by Minister Elrington that if he does he will be arrested and jailed.
As a result, attorneys  here in Belize  applied to the Supreme Court on behalf of Mr. Snyder to have him give his evidence from the United States of America, where he resides, by video link.
The Supreme Court after hearing the application gave permission for Mr. Snyder to testify by video link. And his evidence by all accounts raised eyebrows in court questioning Sedi’s “legal” dealings with this multi-million dollar business as a 20% shareholder while deposits of commission were allegedly made to Sedi’s Bank of America US Account in Miami Florida.

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  1. Cayo Buay thanks so much for posting this. I had no idea the deception and conniving ran so deep!

    My goodness, every Belizean should know about these "goins-on". I hope the investor can retain a competent attorney, one who is not on the "family payroll' and take these thieves to the CCJ.

    This is incredible, yet not surprising. Belizeans, it is these very same people who are telling us that its in Belize's best interest to go to the ICJ.

    My people, wake up and recognise them for the deceitful conniving frauds they are. Do not fall victim to their "legalese" which extols the virtues of going to the ICJ. If they can do such a blatant wrong-doing to an investor, what would stop them from trying to place our nation's well-being as collateral for their high-stakes gamble for the millions of US dollars they stand to access, if the referendum passes?

    See with your own eyes, my people, vote a resounding "NO" to the ICJ ON 6th March 2013 and to the unfortunate investor, continue to fight for the light of truth shall always overcome what you've experienced.

    Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

  2. I have known Elrington's younger brother Colin, who lived in the States for 20 years, since 2004.He was arrested and deported in 2007. He was a homeless bum who lived in abandoned buildings, while presenting himself as a " real estate investor". I recently visited Belize and we were in contact. He spun some fantastic yarns about his immense wealth and family connections, and ability to import foreign goods without duty...and then proceeded to con me out of US $600. I should have known better than to even allow contact with such a sociopath, who continually crows " I'm an Elrington". his newest scam is to get sweetheart contracts through his connections to pave roads. Be sure...if he gets the money, the work will never be done. Scam.Paid for by the U.S, Canada,Taiwan, and the U.N.

  3. I have to ask...WHY would you have Elrington represent you? His brother is AG, part of the corrupt Barrow administration.


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